Dominic von Stösser

Photography and Design

About the Artist


I am a photographer and all-round broad-spectrum creative type based primarily in Windhoek, Namibia.

I was born and brought up as an expatriate, including in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, the US and the UK, where I completed my studies. In 1999 I settled in Namibia, initially in the tourism industry, before moving into print media in 2004, and embarking on my photography adventure in 2009.

My photographic and design style is informed by a sort of minimalistic aesthetic formed by my love of the desert and its stark clarity. I am particularly fond of traditional black and white photography and in fact the majority of my personal creative work is black and white.

My photographic work ranges from digital through analog all the way to the wet plate collodion process pioneered by Frederic Scott Archer and Gustave le Gray almost simultaneously in 1851.